Get a mabel & joy monthly subscription 

Want to take the hassle out of ordering your granola? Opt for one of three subscription boxes, and let Mabel & Joy take care of the rest. You can opt out any time as there are no lock-in contracts (that's just silly), and you'll receive the convenience of a regular delivery service with no shipping fees. Could it get any easier?

The beginner

You're not quite sure you like granola, because you remember having it a while back and all you could taste was sultanas. And soggy grains. Plus, there's only one or two of you in the household and you don't want to go crazy!

What you get:

- One jar of your chosen blend (420-450g)

- Two mini jars of your chosen blend (120g)

THE NOvice

You enjoy granola (lets be honest, avo on toast is still number one), though still like having the flexibility of having it in the cupboard. Your partner stays clear, though you are trying to improve their eating habits, and the kids, well trying to get them to eat before school is a bit tough too. You're realising that granola keeps you going to well after lunchtime, and love it's grab and go flexibility.

What you get:

-  Three jars of your choice (420-450g)

- Five mini jars of your choice (120g)


Ok, now we're talking. You have a family to feed and you're all nuts about granola. You use it in smoothies, as a topper, in your baking, you name it and you love to snack it on during the day to keep the hunger at bay. You need your granola, and need servicing now!

What you get:

- Two 1kgs bags of your choice

- Two jars of your choice (420-450g)

- Five mini jars of your choice (120g)