Who are Mabel & Joy?

What started out as brand producing award-winning granola, has now evolved into delicious and nutritious Superfoods Booster Blends. 

Hi my name is Rachael and I am the parent of active children (extra curricular sport most nights), and the wife of a world travelling IT Guru. I work full time and I am also the carer of 4 amazing rescue cats. But mostly I am...out of energy!

Who's with me? Want to do it all. Queen of multi-tasking. Feeling guilty about whatever it is you're not doing. Too many tabs open in your brain. Running laps in your head instead of sleeping. Reading all of the websites you can find to help you calm, unclutter, be the best mum, be a present mum, be real to yourself...probably ignoring it all.

Multivitamins help, but I'd rather eat good food than take pills. Good food, real food, easy food. I knew I needed sustenance though I didn't have the energy to cook complicated meals. I found morning shakes and bought a blender. The problem was that in order to fulfil my nutritional needs (especially in the morning) I needed somewhere in the region of 30 jars of powders and supplements. The effort seemed monumental! It could take 20 minutes just to make a quick smoothie, and that was just not good enough. Mabel & Joy came about at just the right time.

After many (delicious) attempts of development, three powerfully nutritious plant-based superfood boosters with the right balance and flavour were born. These superfood blends were carefully curated as a base in: smoothies, raw desserts, bakes, and in breakfast bowls. And, they are power packed with nutrients so good for you. 

How do we know they are power-packed? Each blend has been lab-analysed for their nutritional benefits, which means we can confidently make our health claims (we don't want to lead you on!). Trust in the transparency, we say!

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