Who are Mabel & Joy?

What started out as brand producing award-winning granola, has now evolved into delicious and nutritious Superfoods Booster Blends.

When James and I found out we were going to have a baby, words could not describe the absolute joy we were feeling. Years of trying, waiting, disappointment and testing finally turned into pure joy in July 2017.

Visiting my GP around the 6-week mark, I answered her questions with glee and not without a little bit of smugness. 'Nope, no morning sickness here!', 'Feeling great, thanks for asking!'. Wow, what a goose (I definitely should have started meal freezing whilst I had the energy!). When 8-weeks rolled around and my baby was quickly become less cell-ish and more blob-ish, it seemed she required a lot more of my energy. Hello morning sickness!

It hit me everyday, all day and did not stop. I almost didn't trust myself to venture outside.

I needed sustenance though I didn't have the energy.

I had to have something on my tummy, or my new name became Anne of Green Gills.

And I had to do this almost silently, given it was early days.

Opening my cupboard, I saw no less than 30 jars of powders and supplements, and although I desperately wanted to devour a cool, nutrient-packed smoothie to keep me going, the effort seemed monumental.

It could take 20 minutes just to make a quick smoothie, and that was just not good enough. In between bouts of sickness, I began to develop blends which contained unique and different combinations of not only flavours, though also nutrient values. I wanted one which was dense in fibre, one that was a little sweeter, and one that really amped up the antioxidants.

I used these blends in smoothies, in raw desserts, in gummies, in bakes, and in breakfast bowls, putting them through their paces to ensure they were functional, flavourful and adaptable. After many (delicious) attempts of development, we're pleased to bring you three powerfully nutritious Superfood Boosters with the right balance and flavour.

How do we know they are power-packed? Each blend has been lab-analysed for their nutritional benefits, which means we can confidently make our health claims (we don't want to lead you on!). Trust in the transparency, we say!

So whilst we bid a fond farewell to our granola range, we would love to welcome you to our new products with absolute confidence. And if you want to get your hands on our granola recipes, stay tuned as we'll soon publish these on our recipes page...

Trish x
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