Nutella Mug Cake

What could be simpler than a cake in a mug? I mean, it's a cake, in a mug!

I’m all about simple foods made simply; but put simply this recipe is probably as simple as it gets! This Nutella mug cake recipe has 4 ingredients and doesn’t take a tonne of effort to put together, simple!

The magic of this mug cake is that it utilises the ingredients from the Nutella to do all the work, so no need to add extra ingredients. What could be easier than a cake in a mug? Simple!


Paleo Ingredients (substitute for above)

  1. Add milk, flour, and baking powder to a microwave mug (a large mug that takes approx. 350 g) and whisk until smooth – a small whisk is best for this step
  2. Add the Nutella and stir until the batter has no lumps
  3. Cook in microwave for 1 minute until the cake has risen and is set in the centre. If the cake is not cooked then cook in 20 second increments



  • If you like your cake a little underdone and perhaps even oozy, if you’re lucky, then take the cake out at the one minute mark.
  • Let cake cool for a few minutes in the mug before eating.
  • It is worth noting that microwaves differ in strength. As this cake can cook fast, it is best to keep an eye on it - don't walk away, watch your creation rise right before your eyes
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