Home made Nutella

Thank you to our wonderful friend Megan @Megan_joy_01 who has reminded us of the joys of homemade, vegan, Nutella. Nutella is one of those foods that you either like or don't like, with those that do like, really do like! The image of Megan's Nutella looks good enough to eat! Don't you think?

PS - Pun intended!...

Let us know how you went with the recipe for this yummy Nutella.


1. 2 cups of dry roasted Hazelnuts (or raw Hazelnuts soaked overnight)

2. 1 1/2 cups of soaked and pitted dates

3. 5 Tbsp of Mabel & Joy's Balance superfood powder

4. 1 1/2 cups of Almond milk


Blend the Hazelnuts in a blender until a smooth Hazelnut butter in consistency.

Note - This can take some time depending on your blender.

Add the remaining ingredients and blend until desired consistency is reached.

All that is left is to enjoy!

How do you eat your Nutella? On bread, in a muffin, or by the spoonful?

Let us know if you have any favourite home made recipes that you'd like us to feature in our newsletter and on the Mabel and Joy blog.

Also, don't forget to go and check out Megan on Instagram (@Megan_joy_01).

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