Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate milkshakes are not just for the kids.

Our chocolate milkshake is not only chocolatey delicious, it is also nutritious, with Mabel & Joy's Balance superfood booster blend as the base, it is bursting with essential nutrients and nutritionally powder ingredients is a natural energy booster. And because you know this milkshake is good for you, you can add whatever toppings you'd like.*

*Add a little or a lot - at least you'll know that the superfood booster based to your milkshake has no added sugar, contains no fillers, is plant based, vegan friendly and contains organic ingredients.


1 small frozen banana

1 cup of your favourite milk

1 tbsp organic almond butter

1 tbsp Mabel & Joy Balance Superfood Booster blend


With a little cinnamon or nutmeg sprinkled on top


1. Combine all ingredients in a blender. Mix the banana first with a little milk to break it all down, then add the rest of the milk and almond butter, and blend until smooth.

2. Pour into a milkshake glass and add milkshake toppings.


If you'd like to add this milkshake to your post workout routine, add a serving of protein powder.

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