Hot Chocolate smoothie

Winter is here and didn’t she arrive with a blast…of freezing cold air!

On mornings when it is hard to get out from under the warm blankets, this hot chocolate smoothie will fill you full of warm goodness – just like a warm hug only chocolatey!


200 g of your favourite milk (dairy or non-dairy)

1 medium sized banana

2 Tbsp Mabel & Joy’s Balance Cacao Superfoods Booster

Fab optional extra additions

A pinch of Cinnamon

A pinch of Turmeric (only a little as this spice can get a little spicy!) 


Warm milk in a microwave safe container. You can warm the milk up over the stove if you would prefer

Once the milk is warm (temperature depends on ambient temperature and how warm you want that inner warm hug – not too hot though so be careful)

Add warm milk to blender. Please heed manufacturer warnings about warm/hot liquids and add cold water to cool the milk down if needed

Add in the banana and Balance superfood booster powder and blend until smooth

Bring back up to desired temperature if the smoothie mixture has cooled down too much

Do not overheat, we’re looking for a warm hug here

Pour the smoothie into your favourite mug, or two. There’s enough to share with your favourite person

Top with a little nutmeg on top or sprinkle some Balance superfood powder as garnish

Final step is to enjoy this warm chocolatey hug in a mug


This hot chocolatey hug in a mag is a quick and healthy smoothie for a cold day!

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