Love is like a pineapple, sweet and undefinable

Pineapples are a well-known tropical fruit and are grown extensively throughout Queensland. We love them due to their lush sweet taste and because they are convenient and easy to incorporate into your diet. They are affordable and available most of the year round making them the perfect fruit when you are after that note of tropical zing for your smoothie or breakfast bowl. The best thing about pineapples though, is that they are also low in calories and loaded with an assortment of nutrients and antioxidants. They are especially rich in Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant) and Manganese (a trace mineral that promotes strong bone density and formation). Pineapples are also a good way to get important dietary fibre and they also contain an important group of digestive enzymes known as bromelain (1).

Bromelain belongs to a group of protein digesting enzymes exhibiting various ‘fibrinolytic, antiedematous, antithrombotic, and anti-inflammatory activities…without any major side effects’. (2)

What does this actually mean though?

Pineapples have been shown to provide numerous health benefits including supporting the strengthening bone and connective tissues; reducing the risk of blood clothing; reduction in stress due to the B group vitamins; reducing the severity of colds due to the anti-inflammatory nature of the combination of bromelain and Vitamin C; reduces free radicals with the antioxidants – pineapples have been said to shrink cancer cells; reduce blood pressure due to the potassium content; aid in digestion – all of that dietary fibre and bromelain; great internally and externally due to the antimicrobial activity from the bromelain and flavonoids, known antimicrobial agents, found in pineapples (3, 4).  

Ultimately though, enjoy adding this sweet tasting, interestingly packaged summer fruit to your summer smoothie. AND we’d love to see your creations. Send them through to and we’ll feature them in our upcoming newsletters and socials.


** As always, this post does not replace the advice of your health professional. Avoid if you have or suspect you have, an allergy to pineapples or their enzymes.

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