Mesquite powder

Mesquite powder is not a commonly known ingredient. Made by grinding the ripened seeds of the Mesquite tree, Mesquite powder has been a staple food of many Native American people for thousands of years; used as a flour.

Mesquite has an absolutely delightfully sweet flavour and aroma that is both gluten free and high in protein (approx. 17%). The powder also has a high soluble fibre content, meaning that unlike traditional flours and sugars, it won’t cause blood sugar spikes and will also help you feel fuller for longer.

Due to its sweetness Mesquite powder is a great way to add its naturally sweet, slightly nutty flavour (with a hint of caramel notes), as a replacement for sugar, and is the perfect addition to our Balance superfoods booster blend. Mabel & Joy’s Balance superfoods booster is excellent as a base for flavoured smoothies, hot chocolates, breakfast bowls and even cakes.

Fun fact – The seed pods are also used to smoke meats as the wood adds a sweet flavour to the meat.

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