Fruit and vegetable powders versus fresh

Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, as part of an overall healthy diet, is important for our overall health. We all know that fruits and vegetables are sources of many essential vitamins and minerals; and without them we’d get very sick. We're not discussing any allergies here.

With our busy lives it is also well known that we don’t eat enough of the fruits and vegetables that our bodies need for essential health and maintenance of our bodies. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is essential for our wellbeing. As the saying goes “We are what we eat”!

The humble smoothie and smoothie bowl seems to have gone from making them with fresh fruit, to making with combinations of fresh fruit and powders, or just powders alone. There are a number of reasons behind the rise of powders including, convenience, longer shelf life as the moisture has been removed, and no need to peel or throw away the messy scraps.

But what about these fruit and vegetable powders though? Are they healthy? Do they stack up as good as the real thing ie fresh fruit and vegetables?

Well firstly, fruit and vegetable powers are still the real thing. The specialised drying process used ensures that the powers are full of their original raw flavour, colour and continue to contain their beneficial nutrients. And…dried herbs and spices powders have been since the dawn of man. We’re not new to the powder movement, we just want to make sure they are still good for us.

There are dieticians that have issue with superfood powers as a complete substitute in our diets. Without medical advice, there should never be a complete substitution of one product for another. The main issues dieticians seem to have with superfood powers is the lack of water and soluble fibre.

Which is fantastic, as each of our superfood blends isn’t just one superfood powder. Each superfood powder and specialised ingredient has been carefully chosen that are not only complimentary but are rich in fibre. Tick number 1. Also by re-adding the water/liquid content back into the powders for each recipe, tick number 2 is achieved.

It is by design that we have created what we like to think of as the perfect packet containing the perfect blend of superfood powders that give a rather healthy ‘bang for your buck’. Our powders contain 100% fruit and vegetables, and are made from the highest quality ingredients. The banana powder may not smell like its fresh counterpart, it is, just minus the mess.

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