What's the beet on Beetroot?

Beetroot is a common root vegetable that is probably more known on burgers with the lot than anything else. Or is that just showing our age? Lately it’s a staple in our house when roasting vegetables for dinner. Beetroot can also be found in Mable & Joy’s Restore Superfood Booster blend (of course!).

What do we know about Beetroots?

Well, we know that beets boast an impressive nutritional profile AND are very low in calories; with a huge amount of nutritional bang for buck.

Beets are said to:

🌱 Fight inflammation

🌱 Improve the appearance of skin

🌱 Help support lower blood pressure

🌱 Increase stamina through the improved oxygen flow

🌱 Help support digestion and regularity

🌱 Be a great source of Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Magnesium, Potassium and Folate

What's not to love about beetroot? If you don’t already, consider adding beets into your diet and they really brighten any meal they are added to.

PS - An interesting fact about eating beetroot is that the lovely intensive colour that we love so much can also colour your number ones and twos! So look out for that one (or two) if you eat quite a bit of beetroot.

* As always check that beetroots (or any other fruit/vegetable/ingredients) are right for your personal circumstances. Perhaps see a GP or dietician.


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