Add these 5 ingredients to your Autumn smoothie

Autumn is here and as the weather starts to cool down we can spice up our breakfast smoothies. Here are some fab herbs and spices that are perfect for adding a little warmth and zing:

🍂 Cinnamon - The go-to spice that adds warmth and sweetness to any recipe. Cinnamon is full of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and is known to lower blood sugar and in reducing blood pressure.

🍂 Vanilla - This tasty spice is said to reduce anxiety - just from the aroma alone, reduce acne - with its antibacterial properties, and contains antioxidant healing properties.

🍂 Ginger - Adding this hot mamma spice to your smoothie can assist in relieving nausea, easing cold and flu symptoms and support pain relief - including pain caused by menstrual cramps.

🍂 Chai tea - Chai tea is a wonderful warming mix of herbs and spices that will kick start your morning into high gear with its high caffeine energy boosting content. Adding cooled Chai tea to smoothies can also help aid in digestion and relieve stomach pain and nausea.

🍂 Maple syrup - This sweet, thick, sugary liquid that's made by cooking down the sap of maple trees and is said to contain over 54 powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Keep in mind that whilst maple syrup has no added sugars or preservatives it is a single ingredient sugar and counts towards your sugar intake.

Keep an eye out on our recipe blog for deliciously warming Autumn smoothie recipes.

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