5 Ways to Turn Every Meal into a Super Meal

1. Eat a variety of foods. The more fruits and vegetables you eat the greater your nutrient exposure. Trying different coloured fruits and vegetables is a fun way of varying the foods on your plate.

2. Eat local. There is much to be said about the short distance from food to plate. Fresh is best as they say. Buy local, and eat upon picking. The longer foods are stored the greater the nutrient degradation.

3. Chew your food for longer. Chewing starts the mechanical and chemical digestion breakdown process with the enzyme amylase breaking down carbohydrates in your mouth. By slowing down, and eating in a more mindful way, you'll go a long way in helping improve digestion.

4. Mindfully eating. This goes hand in hand with chewing your food for longer. Mindful eating can help you slow down, assist with deriving pleasure from the food you are eating, and help you feel fuller sooner. The stomach takes a while to let the brain know it's full. By chewing your food for longer and slowing down (rather than shoveling the food in), the brain can catch up and reduce overeating and hopefully end that feeling ill after eating too much feeling.

5. Switch up your cooking methods. Take a break from the cooked meat and 3 veg and try some raw food meals. Maybe some fresh prawns and a raw salad would take the heat out of the upcoming summer. Cook a yummy steak on the BBQ and combine with a delicious fresh salad. There are many delicious and healthy benefits to mixing it up in the kitchen.

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