What's in a name?

I am choosing to clarify in todays blog post a question that comes up from time to time:

'Who is Mabel, and who is Joy?'

It's a good question, and one which cannot be answered in a few words.

Well the 'Joy' part is easy - that's my middle name. The story goes that when I was born, dad held me and I smiled at him. Despite the fact that my smile probably had less to do with happiness and more with indigestion, the name 'Joy' was chosen.

And what's funny, is that it was almost as if the name chose me; it's old-fashioned, and conjures up images of doilies, tea and knitting. I love all those things.

The 'Mabel' part is a bit more complicated.

James and I wanted our brand to be warm and cosy, like a big old hug from your nana. We wanted a name to represent that warm hug, the smell of baking from the oven, the love and security that only a nana can offer. Alas our chosen name, Ruby & Joy, was taken and so we began brainstorming.

The name Mabel means, 'with love', or 'loveable'. It's an older name, feminine, soft and kind. When James suggested it, we knew we had the right combination.

And so Mabel & Joy was born with ambitions of having the wisdom, the strength, the warmth and most importantly, the love of nana. We hope you feel that when you see our brand, taste our products, or hear our name.