Kitchen dreams

James and I always say, 'When we get our forever house...' finished by an extraordinary description of something exceedingly beautiful, often followed by, 'After we win the lottery!'.

But there's no harm in looking right, and thanks to Pinterest, I can get my daily fill of kitchen porn.

My ideal kitchen space would be rustic and large, with an island where I can sit up and read the papers, or have a cup of tea over a scone, or even chat away to my large imaginary family, as they scurry around.

It also involves beautiful tilework (currently subway tiles are my favourite), and most importanly, an Aga, just like my nana Ruby. I image it to be light, airy, and full of flowers. Sometimes I imagine hanging copper cooking equipment, though only when I'm feeling French.

A gal can dream.

Here is some kitchen inspo for all of you who are dreaming alongside me...

Kitchen dreams 1
Kitchen dreams, with Aga
Kitchen dreams with Aga
Scandanavian kitchen
Kitchen Dreams

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