The Present

I had always had vivid dreams of where I wanted to be in life, ever since I was a child. I knew I wanted a certain standard of living; I knew I wanted a loving husband*, who would be a good father, and; I knew I wanted a warm home, with trust, generosity and lots of laughter. This much I knew.

However, in my mid-20s as I was living a carefree life in London, I was not very close to where I wanted to be. The dreams still held true, though I was not building a foundation which would work towards gaining those precious things.

I seemed to be owning my dreams with absolute certainty, though not taking responsibility for how I was going to gain them, or create them. It was like I was expecting something magical to happen, like this life I imagined was just going to fall into place.

When this realisation occured, I decided I had to do something different, and that involved a very basic change - I had to take responsibility for my life. Please understand this, I have always been responsible, and mature to a degree; I had moved overseas twice by myself, established friendships, got jobs, paid my bills, traveled. However, this is not the same as being responsible for my dreams.

Dreams are that safe thing that are always in your mind, as long as you believe in them. And I was a believer, that was the easy part. Being responsible for dreams means taking onus to how those dreams will come forth and deliver the life that you want.

The hardest part is putting in the work, creating the steps that will come together to make the dream. Things get in the way, circumstances change, excuses are made, and yet I needed to persist. 

There's a little thing I like to call 'quiet time' everyday. It's not announced, nor set to a specific time, though it is observed.

Quiet time is a place, a moment, a feeling when I need to just be with my thoughts and bring myself into the present, instead of living in the future where I constantly seem to be. There is something to be said about noticing the things around you, in that moment, and understanding that life is pacing along, moulding moments together in order to build the next moment.

So now I try to live in the present, and have that quiet time I absolutely need to make my mind plot, plan and scheme to make my dreams come to fruition. Otherwise they are just that - dreams. And one day I would wake up, be an old woman and wish I had of done so much more with my life. And that is how Mabel & Joy was born.

*Got that loving husband in Jan 2016. The most amazing dream.